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Published: December 28th 2022

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2022-12-8 Dakar, Senegal, Africa2022-12-8 Dakar, Senegal, Africa2022-12-8 Dakar, Senegal, Africa

Dakar, Senegal

12 8 22 to 12 9 22 Senegal to Praia, Cape Verde

Tuesday, December 6at sea


Lecture: The mystery of Human Evolution by Olga Stavrakis.

Human genetic history: Nguon goc loai nguoi den tu Tanzania, Phi Chau.Sau do ho di va Sahara dersert to Middle East roi den A Chau va Europe cach day 100,000 nam bang su tim thay human fiscal o Ridge valley giua Africa va Middle East theo to News York times. O Phi Chau co nhung chung binh hiem ngheo lam dan so xuc giam nhung o A Chau thi khong do do dan so tang nhanh roi tu do di ve huong Au Chau.Cach day hon 2 trieu nam giong nguoi dau tien la H. Rudoifens di dan tu Africa roi den Habitis, H. Ergaster…65 millions ago hinh thu con nguoi bat dau nhu con vat co duoi. T25M years ago tu tu loai thu nay mat duoi, chan bat dau stable, xuong bat dau realign, Chan tut u mat kha nang bam, ngon chan mat kha nang bam nhu ngon tay. Bat dau biet di va mat kha nang di tren cay. Thu moi sanh lon hon binh thuong, dau cung lon hon 25%!d(MISSING)au to luc


sanh, kha nang sanh kho hon. Ngon tay thang hon, ngan, va mat di kha nang bam.

Khoang 63M years ago con nguoi chi la loai thu binh thuong nhu con lemurs. 58M years ago con nguoi nhu con thu biet leo treo. 40Myears ago con nguoi nhu co Monkey di tren 5 chan.14M years ago con nguoi biet ngoi. 7M years ago con nguoi biet di va mat di cai duoi. , 6 years ago con nguoi biet di tren 4 chan de roi tu tu di tren 2 chan cho den bay gio. O Ethiopia 44 years ago con nguoi bat dau hien hinh voi dung bang 2 chan. O Tanzania nguoi ta tim thay dau chan cua con nguoi khoang 3.7M years ago.

Wednesday, December 7 at sea

Guinea Bissau

Lecture: The Cape Verdes-Between Afica and New England

People in Cape Verde from Africa brought over as slaves and got stuck there after Portugal left. Unemployment is very high. Most of them are flat and Vocanic. Most of them are whalers and traveled all over the world. Fogo la main Vocanic mountain. Portugal wanted to grow sugar canes fileds and


brought them over. The islands exposed to Pirates and drought so created starvation. They have to find the way for living. Foods are fufu. They migrated to US and stayed in state of Rhode Islands. When they stayed in Cape Verde. They were whaling and sent back home money. They did not own land. The land were owned by group. They helped each other. Men went out searching jobs and sent money home to take care the families with female oriented In later came home to take care a babies without knowing who were father because many men came over when they were not home. In 1800 whaling began staring from Massachusette and men searched for work with low pay. Later they had money and bought boats and brought family over Rhode Islands and built up communities in Rhode islands. They were not portugues, not whites , not Africans. The cap Cerdean Identity Crisis in the US. They organizred their own social groups.

Refugees from Cape verde came to US on a small boats from Starvation. Lecturer Olga Stavrakis was also a refugee and she came to US from Greece at 7 spending 17 on the ship before reaching


New York. Cape Verdeans refugees came to US they were not whites, Blacks … they lived in Rhode islands. Women worked in cranberries fields. They had their own groups. They gained higher educations. Theyhave a good contact with homeland and hwen Cape verde got problem they sent home money even they do not have much to offer. That time US opens widely to refugees not like present requiring Visa.

Cape Verde gained independence 5-7-1975 from France.

Lecture #2 : Diamond

HOPE diamond was found Kollur Mine, India.

What is the carat Weight of the largest Red Diamond 5.11CT.

What is the meaning of the word KOHINOOR in the KOHINOOR Diamond? Mountain of Light

What is the name of the Largest Green Diamond found? Dresden Diamond.

What is the name of the largest Uncut diamond found? The Culiman Diamond

What is the Carat weight of the Hope diamond? 45.52 CT

What is the name of the largest Red Diamond? Moussaieff

What is Diamond made up of? Carbon

What is the Carat Weight of the Kohinoor Diamond ? 105.6 CT

What are the 4 C’s of Diamond? Cut,


Color, Clarity , Weight

What is EFFY Jewelry from? Diamond District, New York

What is the birthstone for the month of December? Tanzanite

Which company introduced Tanzanite to the world? Tiffany & Co.

In Wich country was EMERALD first discoved? Egypt

What is the name of the large3st Sapphire? The star of Adam

Which gemstone is known as KING oF Gemstone? Ruby

Which Gemstone hold more value if there are any inclusive in it ? Emeralds

Where does the brown/chocolate/Espresso/Diamonds come from? Australia

What the name of Effy’s Tanzanite collection? Nahia

Which country was the largest red diamond found? Brazil

Thursday, December 8 Senegal 9am to 5:30pm. Shuttle to Place de L’ independence

To go near: Do not take bus. 9am :Walk ro ferry to Goree island 20’11;30am return to mainland. 12pm mainland, walk to Kernel market, 1;30pm Sandaga market, 2;30pm Soumbedioune Handcraft village, 3;30pm Presidential Palace. 4pm Ifan Mesum. 4;30pm go to shuttle to ship

Or To go near: Take a shuttle to Place de independence then go to 1) Kernel market 2) Sandaga market 3) Dakar cathedral 4)Ifan museum


5) Presidential Palace 6) Musem of Black Civilizations 7) Grand Mosque.

Ivory Coast to Darkar dai 1,360 miles di mat 2 ngay.

1-20-2018 Dakar

Senegal la mot nuoc dac biet nhat Phi Chau vi vi tri cua no. Senegal nam o dinh phia tay Phi Chau do do neu di den My Chau gan nhat. Chinh vi vi the nay ma Senegal vao the ky 15 duoc chon lam dia diem de xuat cang no le den My Chau trong do co Hoa Ky, Caribbean ca Nam My.

Thu do cua Senegal la Dakar. Noi tieng Phap vi truoc kia la thuoc dia cua Phap. Tuy nhien co 11 thu tieng dia Phuong khac ma da so la tieng Wolof vi dan Wolof chiem 43% tong so 15 trieu dan trong tong so dien tich la 196km2 bang 2/3 Vietnam. Moi nguoi dan kiem duoc khoang $970 bang ½ Vietnam. Dung tien Franc, $US1=537 West African CFA Franc. Senegal duoc doc lap tu Phap ngay 4-4-1960.

Vao the ky 15 Portuguese den Senegal de buon ban cung voi Phap, Anh, va Nertheland. Den 1677 Phap chiem Goree nhu la can cu de buon ban no


le tu mainland den cac nuoc khac. Nam 1959 Senegal hop voi French Sudan tao thanh Mali federation de roi duoc doc lap tu Phap ngay 4-4-1960 va sau do Senegal tach roi Mali federation de tro nen doc lap hoan toan. Senegal co nghia la Our boat trong tieng local Wolof. Senegal la nuoc nong nghiep san suat peanut, melon, mangoes va danh ca la ky nghe lon. Theo dao muslim Suni. Ngay xua Senegal thuoc ve Ghana Empire. Tu the ky thu 13 den 19 1/3 dan Senegal lam no le. Macky Sall la tong thong hien tai tu 2012. Bau cu tong thong moi 5 nam.

No le rat pho bien o Phi chau ngay ca ngay nay. Co nhieu hinh thuc no le nhu de tra no, lam viec nha, Military slave,…

Slave trade routes in Africa truoc thoi nguoi Au chau den Phi Chau.

Nan no le da co tu ngan xua o Phi chau. Roi thi den the ky 15 nguoi Au Chau bat dau den Phi Chau va kham pha ra su huu ich cua no le dung trong viec san suat bang tay chan vi bay gio


khong co may moc va no le la nguon loi lon trong viec san suat ky nghe de banh truong thuoc dia cua cac nuoc Au Chau ma khoi dau la Bo dao Nha, roi den Tay Ban Nha, Anh , Phap, Duc.

Nguoi Bo Dao Nha la nuoc dau tien mo dau cho viec mang no le tu Phi chau den My chau de ban cho cac ky nghe lam duong, ca phe, gold mine, hay silver mine va ngay ca domestic servant. tai day va chuyen chuyen cho no le dau tien den Brazil nam 1526. Den then ky 17th nole duoc dem ban o market nhu nhung mon hang khac. Tiep theo la Anh, Phap, Nertherland, Tay ban Nha cung lam nhu vay. Co tong cong la 12 trieu nguoi Phi chau duoc mang tu Phi chau den My Chau lam no le . 1/3 no le bi chet tren duong di vi benh tat va thieu thuc an. Truoc khi nguoi Au Chau den Phi chau buon ban no le thi viec buon ban no le da co truoc giua cac nuoc Phi Chau may tram nam truoc do. 4 trieu no le ban qua


Red Sea o Phi Chau, 4 trieu ban qua nga Indian Ocean va 12 trieu qua nga Atlantic Ocean de den My Chau.

Rieng ve no le ban qua nga Atlantic luc dau tien nam 1536 Bo Dao Nha da van chuyen no le ra dao Goree cach bo bien Senegal khoang 3km roi tu day xuyen Dai Tay Duong ban cho cac nuoc My Chau. Tai sao dao Goree? Vi dao nay gan dat lien de cai quan va xung quang nuoc sau voi 5kg kim loai deo tren nguoi cua No le thi no le khong the tron thoat vao bo vi se bi chet chim. Sau do Phap, Anh, Dutch danh lan nhau de tranh chap buon no le o dao nay. Cho den 312 nam sau 1840 Phap cham dut su buon ban no le. Nam 1978 Unesco cong nhan noi day la tai san the gioi. Trong toa nha nay duoc goi la House of Slave . Phia truoc co dual stair case di len lau duoc dung cho quan chuc buon ban no le, con tung duoi la noi giam cam no le. Phia sau co cua huong ra dai Tay Duong duoc


goi la The Door of No return. No le bi dua ra cua nau de xuong tau di qua Chau My ban va se khong co duong tro lai. No le o day duoc dem ban o Hoa Ky la nhieu nhat , ke den la cac dao o Caribbean va Nam My cua Brazil. O Hoa Ky thi tau cap ben tai Jamsetown thuoc tieu ban Virginia tu day no le duoc van chuyen di cac tieu bang khac. Con o Brazil thi tau cho no le cap ben o Pernambuco va Bahia.

Nhieu lanh tu the gioi den day de nhin thay tan mat the door of No return nhu Tong Thong Obama, Tong Thong Clinton, va Tong Thong Bush. Ngoai ra con cac lanh tu Phi chau cung den day trong do co Duc Giao Hoang Pope John Paul II.

Rieng ve no le o Hoa Ky. Hoa ky doc lap nam 1776 sau khi danh bai Anh. Nam 1789 tinh trang no le o Hoa Ky nhu sau. Cac tieu bang co che do no le la Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, New jersey, Maryland and Delaware. Con cac tieu bang


khac mien Bac khong co no le. Cac phan dat khac con trong tay cua Spain ngay ca California. Quoc hoi My duoi thoi Jefferson cam nhap cang no le nhung van co nhap cang lau vi nhu cau nhan cong can thiet. Den khi Tong thong Abraham Lincoln thang cu nam 1860 cam dich vu no le de roi 7 tieu bang co no le tach roi tao nen Civil War trong 3 nam va sau do che do no le cham dut nam 1865.

Hien nay no le van con nhung rat ich ton tai o Phi chau.

Tuong dai 160-foot African renaissance monument (Phuc Hung) o Senegal duoc xay boi North Korea , statue cua Man Women va child nhin ra bien Dai Tay Duong nhu la dau hieu cua su giai phong Phi Chau ra khoi No le va ky thi. Duoc so ngang hang voi Statue Liberty o New York va thap Eiffel cua Phap. Cao nhat Phi Chau.

Tu Dakar o tan diem phia Tay cua Phi chau chay xuyen qua lanh tho Phi Chau den nuoc Djibouti o


tan cung cua phia Dong cua Phi Chau duoc coi nhu la buc tuong thanh cua vung dong co xanh trai dai tu phia Nam den buc tuong nay va cham dut tai day. Chung nho dong co nay o nhung nuoc o Phai Nam Phi Chau co nhieu thu vi nho thuc an cua dong co nay. Con nhung nuoc o phia Bac buc tuong nay la sa mac trong do co Sa mac Sahara kho can. Cuc Nam cua Phi Chau la nuoc South Africa con cuc Bac cua Phi Chau la Tunisia ma toi da co lan di den.

Cung nhu nhung nuoc Phi Chau khac canh sat xu nay hay doi tien hoi lo du khach nhu co nguoi du khach den bien goi giua Senegal va Mauritania ma bi canh sat hoi giay to 2 lan va moi dieu doi tien du khach va moi lan khoang $3. Nhu co lan toi den nuoc Djibouti o can Dong toi bi taxi luong gat roi thua canh sat canh sat lai doi tien toi. Cung nhu o Negeria khi toi o phi truong nho canh sat chi toi den cong ra may bay roi canh


sat hoi passport toi sau do ong ta dan toi di qua nhieu noi va cung cung hoi tien toi.

O Senegal gan Dakar co Rose Lake la ho nuoc man mau hong. Mau hong do natural phenomenon boi vi nuoc muoi rat man va sadine trong nuoc hap dan no-harmful bacteria ma bacteria ma nha ra chat segment mau hong de hap thu anh sang mat troi.

O Senegal cung co hon dao nho lam bang vo oc ten la Fadiouth. Day la dao nhan tao duoc dan o day lam bang vo oc mollusk shells. Ngay ca nha , ngoi mo va duong di cung lam bang vo oc.

Nguoi Viet tai Senegal:

Den ngay toi len duong den xu Senegal toi moi biet vung Phi Chau heo lanh nay co mot so nguoi Viet sinh song tai day, 3,000 nguoi trong tong so dan Senegal la 15 trieu nguoi. Toi ngac nhien vo cung de roi toi tim hieu tai sao. Vao nam 1975 khi Cong san tien chiem mien Nam, so nguoi Viet ti nan ra khoi nuoc de de Hoa Ky la 231,000 nguoi va cho den nay la


1.2 trieu nguoi. Nam 1954 khi Phap thua tran Dien Bien Phu roi hiep dinh Geneve ra doi chia doi dat nuoc, so nguoi Viet chay vao mien Nam la khoang 800,000 nguoi. Truoc do Phap do ho Vietnam bat dau nam 1867 cho den nam 1954 sau khi Phap that bai tran Dien Bien Phu va rut khoi Vietnam . Trong thoi gian nay Phap cung do ho Senegal tu 1850 cho den nam 1960 thi Phap tra doc lap cho Senegal . Nhu vay Phap do ho Viet Nam va Senegal gan cung thoi gian. Trong so quan nhan Phap o Vietnam co 50,000 linh Phap den tu cac thuoc dia Phap o Phi Chau ma da so la nguoi Senegalese vi Phap bat thanh nien Senegalese gia nhap linh Phap de lam bia do dan cho ho trong viec chiem dong Dong Duong. Linh Phap goc Senegalese den Viet Nam vao nhung nam 1930s. Roi Phap du vao WW2 va den chien tranh Dong Duong sau do giua Phap Nhat va Viet Nam. Phap thua tran Dien Bien Phu va tra doc lap cho Viet Nam roi rut ve nuoc. 50,00 linh Phap goc Phi Chau trong


do co Senegalese den Vietnam chi con khoang 15,000 linh rut ve Senegal co mot khoang 100 linh Phap nguoi Senegal mang theo khoang 100 vo nguoi Vietnam cua ho. 100 nguoi dan ba Vietnam voi chong la nguoi Senegalese sinh con de cai qua nhung the he sau ma cho den ngay nay co khoang 3,000 nguoi. The he dau tien la nhung nguoi vo Vietnam theo chong nguoi Senegalese tro ve Senegal bay gio da lon tuoi gan nhu da chet het va cho den nam 2007 co 5 nguoi vo Vietnam con song va da gia nua tren 80 tuoi. Phan con lai nguoi Senegalese goc Vietnam la con chau cua nhung nguoi vo Vietnam chong la nguoi Senegalese dau tien den Senegal vao nhung nam 1950s. Nhung nguoi nay da so nguon goc sinh quan tai Da Nang, noi ma linh Phap dong quan nhieu nhat trong chien tranh Dong Duong. Nhung nguoi nay mo cac quan an Vietnam hay tap hoa Viet Nam ban cha gio ma ho goi la NEMS theo tieng Phap. Co khoang 4 restaurant va tap hoa Vietnam tren thu do Dakar hien nay 2018. Chi co 2,3 nguoi Vietnam den


Senegal song sau 1975 nhu la su tinh co. Mot trong so 3 nguoi nay la mot anh chang ten Duong theo loi du do cua mot nguoi Viet quoc tich Phap di qua Phap lam viec nhung thay vi ong ong ta dua anh Duong qua Phap ong ta lai dua anh den Ivory Coast ( Cote D’Ivoire) lam viec chon ha hang cua ong nam 2003. Lam khong tien cong trong mot nam de coi nhu la tra tien cong cho ong Viet quoc tich Phap nay da mang anh ta qua Cote D’Ivoire. Ong Viet Nam quoc tich Phap nay cung mang nhieu nguoi Vietnam qua Cote D’Ivoire Cote lam viec khong tra tien cong nhu vay. Nhu la hinh thuc no le thoi dai ma ong Viet Nam nay da loi dung suc lao dong, loi dung su kem hieu biet cua dan toc Viet Nam de mang ho qua Cote D’Ivoire lam no le cho minh. Dau buon thay chinh nguoi Viet Nam lai luong gat nguoi Viet Nam. Sau nay su lam an cua ong Viet Nam quoc tich Phap nay cung tan gia bai san vi viec lam vo nhan dao nay, theo


loi anh Duong,

D’Ivoire cung nhu Senegal la thuoc dia cua Phap. Sau do chien tranh xay ra o Cote D’Ivoire anh Duong phai chay qua Senegal de sinh song, luc dau xin lam khong cong cho tiem ban cha gio nguoi Viet goc Phap, roi ba ta tro ve Phap anh Duong tiep tuc cai cong thuc lam cha gio ma ba ba Phap goc Viet Nam da day de tu lam cha do ban cho den nay va hien co tiem ban cha do ma dan dia phuong goi la Nems theo tieng Phap. Day cung duoc xem nhu hinh thuc no le.

Nhung nguoi co cha la Senegalese ma me la nguoi Vietnam hien noi duoc vai tieng Vietnam do Me day nhung su tien doan la khoang 10 nam nua tieng Vietnam se bi bien mat tren dat nuoc Senegal.

Nguoi me Vietnam dau tien co chong la nguoi Senegal chup cung cac con.

Nguoi dan ong nguoi Senegal trong buc hinh dau tien chup voi me la nguoi Vietnam luc ong con tre. Bay gio da 82 tuoi chup tren san thuong nha ong o Senegal


hanh dien voi nhung chau rau Vietnam ma ong trong o nha.

Trong so nhung nguoi dan ba Viet Nam dau tien co chong la nguoi linh Phap goc Senegal co nguoi bi nguoc dai boi gia dinh chong vi nhung ba nay khong muon hoc tieng Wolof , tieng dia Phuong cua nguoi Senegal, va vao dao Muslim nhu nguoi ban su Senegalese. Nhung nguoi dan ba Vietnam nay phai song trong ngheo kho va kiem song bang cach lam cha gio ban o cho Marche Karmel o thu do Dakar cua Senegal. Tu day cha gio mon an truyen thong cua nguoi Vietnam bat dau lan rong o Senegal den ngay nay.

May thang truoc day khoang 9-2017 co dai truyen hinh o Viet Nam qua Senegal muon tim hieu nguoi Vietnam song o day va tim nguon goc cua cha do ban tay day. Theo loi anh Duong la ho yeu cau anh Duong noi doi la mon cha do co tai Senegal la do truyen thong gia dinh cua anh va anh mo tiem ban cha do la di truyen thong cua gia dinh anh va khuyen anh noi tren TV nhu vay. Nhung


anh Duong khong muon noi doi theo y ho vi do la viec lam khong dao duc. Theo anh Duong dai TV nay se chieu phim tai lieu ve Senegal vao dip Tet Viet nam sap toi vao khoang 16-2-2018.

Hien nay nam 2018 , khoang 100 nguoi dan ba co chong la nguoi linh Phap goc Senegal theo chong ve Senegal nhung nam 1950s chi con co mot nguoi song nam nay duoc 92 tuoi. 3000 nguoi Senegalese co nua giong mau Vietnam chi la con chau cua cac ba me Vietnam qua Senegal vao nhung nam 1950s ma thoi.

Sang som toi loi bo ra bai bien va toi rat thich bai bien o day vi rat nhieu chim. Toi bo nhieu thi gio quay cac dan chim vui dua buoi sang.

Den 8Am tai xe den va cho toi den Ferry de di ra dao Goree nhu du dinh. Tu bo den dao Goree mat 20’ cho 3km di. Den dao Goree toi rat thich thu vi vieng dao Goree la muc dinh chinh cho chuyen di nay. Hon nua de toi co dip dung noi ma cac vi tong Thong My de dung


nhung nam ve truoc. Doi la Door Of Not return. Toi bo nhieu thi gio de chup nhung tam anh tai nhu nhung cho ma cac vi tong thong dung de chup. Sau do toi di quanh dao va den 2Pm thi toi den Ferry de ve la Dakar. Tai xe da dung cho de cho toi den Lake Rose, ho mau hong. Ho mau hong cach Dakar 1hr lai xe. Den noi toi thay nuoc cua ho mau do nhu toi da thay trong internet. Mot dieu toi khong thay la ho lam muoi de xuat cang. Ho lay muoi tu ho roi bo vao bao va dua xuat cang den cac nuoc Phi Chau khac. Nuoc muoi o Lac Rose man hon muoi o cac Dead sea cua Jordan. Nhu toi biet la trong nuoc nay co Bacteria va Bacteria nha ra chat segment lde hut anh sang mat troi va segment nay co mau hong nen nuoc ho o day mau hong khong nhu cac ho khac.

Sau do tai xe dua toi den hotel cac du khach de toi xuong ho boi. Day la dip toi thu boi o Lake Rose


de so sanh voi Dead Sea. Toi xuong ho mau tim voi su thich thu vi toi nam tren mat nuoc.

That tinh co chieu hom nay co dai hoi Fashion show dien ra tai khach san gan ho Lac Rose nay nen toi co dip chung kien nhung co gai an mac thoi trang , quan ao co truyen cua nguoi ban su mau sac ruc ro den du rat dong khoang 1000 nguoi. Theo ho cho biet trinh dien thoi trang do cac company bao tro tu 6Pm den 8Pm sau do co da vu roi dot lua trai tai bo ho. Toi thich thu muon o lai xem nhung toi phai tro ve Dakar ngu de sang hom sau len duong di Gambia nen toi ve som.

Sang 12-8-22 du thuyen den port of Dakar luc 9am va se roi ben luc 5:30pm.

Toi xuong thuyen va nhu du dinh di bo den Ferry gan do ma khong di shuttle. Toi mai man mua duoc ve khu hoi di den Goree island nho co nguoi Portugal tot bung cho doi tien $us dollar thanh


tien Senegal. Toi mua 5 ve cho 5 nguoi la $40 va $10 thue cho 5 nguoi. Sau do xuong ferry dong nghet du khach va dan dia phuong. Can 20’ de di den dao Goree cach bo 3km. Toi muon nguoi tour guide de anh ta huong dan va giai thich lich su o day. Tra anh ta la $10. Anh ta noi nhung nha cua o day xay cach day khoang 500 nam khoang nam 1530s. Dan o day da so lam ve huong dan du khach va vao dat lioen lam viec. Goree co nghia la Palm tree in Portugese.Dao nay co 1,500 nguoi song. 1536-1848 la thoi gian co 40M slaves den day. 15 countries mang no le den day truoc khi ban di den America, Brazil, cuba, Caribbean islands. Truoc het chung toi di tham Museum sau do tourguide huong dan di tham Slave House.O day co Door of no Return khi slave duoc mang deb day ho bi giam trong phong truoc khi di ra door of no return de di ban o America va Caribbean islands. Neu nguoi nao chong cu se bi giam trong phong nho. Sau do chung toi tro ve


ferry de di vao dat lien luc 12pm. Den dat lien chung toi di tham Museum of Black Civization. Noi day da so viet bang tien Phap noi ve nguon goc cua con nguoi. Sau do chung toi di den Kernel Market. Noi day ban dao mat na va do ky niem. Ben trong cho ban ca va trai cay.

Sau do toi di den cho Marche Sandaga vi con thi gio. Cho nay ban nhieu trai cay. Toi mua them mang cau ve tau de danh an. Den 3:30pm chung toi tro ve du thuyen de du thuyen khoi hanh di Cape Verdi lkuc 6 pm . Tuy nhien vi excursion ve tre nen du thuyen phai den 7pm moi roi ben di Cape Verde.


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