a great ending to bulgaria


Published: October 11th 2010

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i left nesebar for Ruse, bulgaria and it was a grand trip. i chatted up my seat mate, a young coed who tried to help me navigate the streets of ruse. sadly, she was a little off but the cute factor may have made me forget that i was toting my 12kg knapsack. anyhow, after walking around town a bit at night, and it was lovely, i found a nice hotel.

i had already stopped here but there was no english and i couldn’t get the price down so i had continued on for a while. upon my return i was trying to ask simply to see a different room, away from the stairs as these tend to be noisy. and a new gentleman said he understood i wanted a lower price. so they gave it to me. ok, glad you didn’t understand i just wanted to see the next room.

then as i asked about food this same fellow offered to take me to a local restaurant. i thought he would accompany me on foot. rather, i was given a lift in a car. we went the back way and i thought there is no way in hell i can find my way back with all of these turns. no worries.

after introductions all around and he knew everyone-i kept meeting people as they walked in, i was treated to a gratis glass of rakia (a local favorite drink). then i had a HUGE, great meat plate (traditional) accompanied by some traditional and i might add wonderful bread. i also had a large local black beer which was quite good. i was supposed to have potatoes too but fortunately they forgot them. i couldn’t have finished potatoes as well.

all the while we were talking about my return to the hotel. this guy in the restaurant was fantastic. he made at least 3 phone calls to try and get the best and easiest and correct directions. then during my meal he came over and gave me the phone? i say hello? and a guy says in english that she (who she is is undetermined but many foreigners have problems with english gender) wants to accompany me home. they just wanted to make sure i was OK. (AND I’D LIKE TO ADD, THIS IS THE MAJORITY OF MY INTERACTIONS WITH THE LOCALS WHILST TRAVELING. it’s just the 10 percenters that tarnish it at times).

anyhow, when i was leaving i assured the staff that i’d be alright and i was as the directions were pretty clear. i’d love to put the drawn map here but alas i have no scanner (and i might add my camera/phone is kaput). it goes like this out the door to the left for two stops (intersections). at the Subway store(not the same, but the same difference as that in america) make a right. go one corner two corners three corners just across from polis station make left. then one stop two stops another left and onward for 1/2 block. bam, i’m home!!

i nearly forgot. i left just after the entertainment started. an old guy, in his 70’s i’m guessing, started to play a synthesizer and “sing’ along to ‘jazz’ music. it was quite comical and my signal to get going. not enough rakia nor beer to endure this. might as well end the great day at this point!!


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