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Published: August 15th 2023

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This is a little late since the web site was having issues displaying pictures. We are now in the United Kingdom having left the European Union. That is, we left Ireland and now are staying in Belfast Northern Ireland. We stayed at the Harrison House of Distinction. It reminded us of some of the Victorian homes of San Francisco but earned it’s Distinction name with some unusual art work incuding declaring that this place is ” Fuxxxxx Fabulous”. A little noisy due to the road and the creaky wood floors. Belfast is a very integrated city with many ethnic restaurants on Botanic St, a short distance from our hotel. We did a walking tour which gave us a brief view of the troubled history of Ireland. We also did the Black Cab trouble tour. Ireland has a long history of turmoil for hundreds of years due to the colonialism of Great Britian. The troubles really intensified during the late 60’s with marches protesting the discrimination of Catholics. Unfortunately, due to the heavy handedness of the English government, the IRA became more violent. A lot of innocent people on both sides died. Almost every person had a family member who died


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or was badly injured. Currently, there is peace with several memorials and walls to remind people of those uneasy times.

We also did a day tour up to Giants causeway. A unique geological feature where liquid basalt solidified in hexagonal shapes.

We also spent several hours at the Titanic museum, which is housed in a very unique structure. The surviving tender which was used to transfer passengers to the ship was also on display. It was used when a deep water port was not available. Belfast was a leading ship building area of the world and constructed 1750 ships. It now does very little construction or repairs.


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