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Published: October 25th 2023

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Sushi in SFSushi in SFSushi in SF

From TheTravel:

Honolulu, Hawaii is one of the best places in the USA for seafood, with fresh and tasty options that are worth the cost.Seattle, Washington offers sensational seafood with sustainable options, making it a haven for seafood lovers.Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is world-famous for its seafood, particularly its crab shacks and crab cakes that are sure to impress.

One major way that cities try to draw in tourists is with their restaurants. Major cities along the coasts of the United States undoubtedly have some of the best restaurants in the world, and in particular, the seafood joints are globally renowned. Not everyone is a fan of seafood, but there are many who love to eat creatures taken from the ocean. To distinguish the best from the worst, this article brings some of the country’s most incredible seafood cities along with the absolute worst.

It must be serendipity or karma, but I have been to all three, and I agree! But after numerous trips to Maryland, I would rank

Grand Central Oyster Bar NYCGrand Central Oyster Bar NYCGrand Central Oyster Bar NYC

it at the top with Honolulu and Seattle. Why?

Forgive the west coast bias. But Chesapeake Bay offers a less expensive, but comparable quality to Seattle. Honolulu will always be at the top, since the island vibe is quite difficult to replicate anywhere else in the world.

Seattle’s Pike Market is the focal point of Seattle seafood. Honolulu and Chesapeake Bay have good seafood throughout the area.

I had the best fish dinner many years ago in Kona. And the Fanny Bay oysters in Seattle are the best. Chesapeake is famous for crab cakes. Best of all, seafood pairs quite well with my favorite beverage, sparkling wine or champagne!
Seattle, per TheTravel:
Seattle boasts numerous glorious seafood restaurants, with Pike Place Market being a must-visit for seafood lovers. It offers a wide variety of chunky crabs, sumptuous shellfish, hearty salmon, and more. The market and its surroundings host excellent restaurants like The Walrus & the Carpenter, RockCreek, and the renowned sustainable sushi joint Mashiko.

One of the standouts of this city is that it has a world-class seafood market downtown, giving tourists and residents the chance to purchase their fish straight off the boat. Furthermore, Seattle,

Wash it down with sparkling wine!!Wash it down with sparkling wine!!Wash it down with sparkling wine!!

Washington, is a bit of a foodie haven, with new restaurants and bars opening monthly.

For Honolulu per TheTravel:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the USA’s only island state ranks very high for the likes of seafood. Much of Hawaii’s delectable fruits of the sea selection is composed of a sumptuous Hawaiian staple; delicious, fresh poke – and the capital city of Honolulu is one of the best places in the state to sample this dish.

Many of the city’s small takeout joints offer this tasty fishy dish, including Ono Seafood, Ahi Assassins, and Maguro Brothers, with some even serving their raw fish straight from the boat to plate. Other seafood spots in Honolulu are also worth visiting, such as the various izakayas and sushi restaurants that serve up some of the season’s freshest fishy feasts.

And for Chesapeake:

Along the Atlantic coast are a number of top-tier seafood hotspots, and one of them is in Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay area, in particular, is notably famous nationwide as a delectable seafood hub home to an incredible number of delightful seafood restaurants that all leave hungry visitors with very little to be desired. I had my first oyster shooter here two years ago.

And tourists who arrive in summer will be in for even more of a treat; the shore of Chesapeake Bay is lined by quaint crab shacks in summer, offering award-winning crabby creations that’ll make mouths water. Don’t forget to try out the area’s famed crab cakes either – they come seasoned and in a variety of forms, such as broiled or fried to absolute perfection.

Close behind, by my standards are San Francisco, Boston, followed by South Carolina, Maine and Portland. Worldwide, I would select Penang, Malaysia as my favorite seafood place. If you are asking why, let me tell you. We saw them physically catching the seafood, bringing it to the kitchen to clean and cook as we ordered our food!!!


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