Day 42 – Rally Cross


Published: August 12th 2023

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Saw this at dinner last nightSaw this at dinner last nightSaw this at dinner last night

As has become the norm, let me flip back to yesterday. Dinner was at an Italian restaurant (pizza) and then, at Jeff’s suggestion, we went back for another crack at the Go-Karts. I had tried to convince him for another round when we were there earlier in the day but it obviously took a bit of time for the “fun factor” to sink in for him and want some more. This time we were on the track with two others which makes for a bit more manoeuvring on the track. We both improved our lap times from the afternoon and it was just as much fun as the first time.
Back at the hotel we made use of the sauna and as we returned to our rooms we heard fireworks outside being let off over the river. We had a great view from our 6th floor window of the whole show.
Today, summer arrived in earnest. Top of 31C predicted. We left under cloudless skies with still a faint bit of crispness in the air. Perfect weather conditions on a perfect cycle path. We have more and more company on the path now. Not only lots of people touring

The fireworks displayThe fireworks displayThe fireworks display

but lots of E-bikes out too. We’re definitely on the high traffic part of the Danube and all paths lead to Vienna. Riding out of Linz there’s a loan single skull boat on the water. Nothing too strenuous, looks like someone of our vintage. About 5kms out of Linz it’s very industrial on one bank but after we pass that it’s just glorious river.
At one point we have to divert off the river for about 8kms. We go through a couple of small towns. Just a few kilometers off the river and there is none of the glitz of the towns on the river bank. No catering to the tourists, cyclists or tour boats, just to the local inhabitants.
Just before lunch we have a detour off the bike path and are told to follow the signs. We have no idea what the signs say but we do as we’re told and follow the signs. We wind through the ubiquitous corn fields, they seem to be everywhere, just like in Kansas (Kansas is flat, very, very, flat!). But we see a line of cars parked along the road and hear roaring engines. And then we see them.

Not sure what they are doing???Not sure what they are doing???Not sure what they are doing???

The roofs of rally cars above the corn crop racing along the roads. So that’s why the detour?!
At one point we actually share the road with the cars as they come towards us. They must have been told to “not race” on that part of their route because they all slowed around cyclists (some less than others). After yesterday, I almost felt like joining them.
Our ride today was to a pension in Melk. Pensions are a little bit different. A bit on the lower cost side and they can have shared facilities and are usually privately run. Not a big deal with all of that but we turn up and there is no one there to great you, in fact there is no reception at all. Not sure what to do we wait outside hoping someone will turn up. Entry appeared to be by unlocking a combination safe for the assigned room number but we had not been given a room number or a safe combination. Not Happy!
I ended up ringing the contact number from the Booking I made, a man answered and a very difficult conversation later (due to language) and we were

Nice Building #715Nice Building #715Nice Building #715

in. He eventually turned up for payment and then said he only accepted cash. That’s two black marks right there. The uncomfortable foam mattress was strike 3. No more Pensions will be booked if I have anything to say about it (and it’s 1.5kms out of town and up a hill!!!!!!). I’m not sure if I’m over reacting, Jeff thinks it’s fine. A shower, change of clothes, riding gear washed and hanging in the sun, things don’t seem quite as bad, after all it’s hard to be too upset when you wake up every morning to the riding we are being treated to.
Tomorrow we head to Melk which will be a short day of about 50kms.
Distance travelled today: 63kms
Distance travelled so far: 2,309kms

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