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Published: September 19th 2023

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Mexican Restaurant Mexican Restaurant Mexican Restaurant

DAY 14
Ian’s bike would not start this morning. It has done it once before. It will start with a tow which we did and discovered it will also start by by-passing the solenoid by a screwdriver across the terminals. We assumed because of this it was probably a faulty solenoid. While this was going on beside the road, Brenton noticed his front tyre was half deflated. He changed the tube but noticed the tyre wouldn’t bead properly on the rim. He decided it would probably pop out while riding so we got going.
Once again great gravel tracks through forests some gnarly, rocky & testing and some fast gravel roads. Woopdies & thick gravel in places kept us on our toes.
We stopped for brunch after 100kms at a traditional American diner. After this break we had more seal with a few gravel tracks thrown in to keep us alert. Into Lafayette Georgia, our destination today. We swapped the solenoid & kill switch from my bike to Ian’s – establishing Ian’s bike still had the same problem but at least this eliminates those items as the cause. Bryan googled it & the advise was firstly check the clutch switch (stops

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bike starting in gear) hey presto problem fixed, so removing the faulty switch, a 2 minute fix. We should have googled at the start. 20 20 hindsight is a great asset.
Brenton’s front tyre as mentioned was not beaded properly and thinking it would pop out he rode it all day like that. Still not out properly at our destination even after a days riding and pumping it up to 70lbs pressure at a gas station. Only a days riding to go before a new tyre, so he opted to put up with an out of balance tyre until the finish.

At dinner a couple of nights ago in a Mexican restaurant the tables were imprinted with Mexican scenes as per Ian’s photos attached. Very authentic ambience. This Mexican restaurant also only had beer (probably didn’t have a wine license). I asked the waiter are you sure you can’t supply some Vino Tinto? He called the head honcho over and suddenly we had some wine. Maybe they were more worried about losing the custom than the license!

DAY 15;
Once again we were on gravel tracks & winding roads and as we got above 300m it became


quite cold. We stopped and layered up.
Today we had 3 deer encounters, fortunately not too close. We saw a dead armadillo on the road. First one we have seen.
Into Murfreesboro our destination today we had travelled around 330kms and a total of 5100km for the whole trip. We water blasted our bikes & gave them an oil change in the motel yard ready to go into storage tomorrow.
Tomorrow after storing our bikes we head to Nashville to get a dose of country music before flying home.


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