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Published: January 6th 2024

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The LouvreThe LouvreThe Louvre

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Time to pis?Time to pis?Time to pis?

Roboto, ‘Helvetica Neue’, sans-serif; margin-right: 6px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; outline: transparent; position: relative; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; border-radius: 2px; text-align: left; height: 40px; user-select: none;” type=”button” data-is-focusable=”true”>Download allSavoteur made a list of places that are overrated. I agree with many of them. The Louvre-well, anyone should go at least once. But yes, very crowded, and a terrible floor plan. Despite her infamous size, the Mona Lisa is actually quite little, and scores of people are frequently gathered around it in an attempt to take a picture. The “no flash photography” sign is frequently disregarded, which causes glare from the glass, making it challenging to enjoy the painting fully. Furthermore, there is a rumor that the Mona Lisa that is on exhibit is only a convincing copy and that the original is stored in a basement. Stonehenge-a total waste of my time, as I even gave up an entire day at Wimbledon to take a lousy bus out there. The Little Mermaid-Copenhagen-never been but it looks like a real bomb. Balcony of Romeo and Juliet-why? Did you forget the story is fictitious? Mannekin Pis-really, a little boy relieving himself? Just drive by the homeless in our country! The Wailing Wall=sounds depressing! Santorini-a

St Basil's at Red SquareSt Basil's at Red SquareSt Basil’s at Red Square

couples place, beautiful sunsets, good wine and food, but rather quiet. Las Ramblas-never a big fan of Barcelona, and it had too many gypsies when I was there. Blarney Stone-everyone has an opinion of a worthwhile visit. I say skip it! Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum-the title ought to tell you it is a total waste of time and money. Fred and Ginger-you should drink beer in Prague instead of wasting your time here, Checkpoint Charlie-not the real one, which I went through twice. This is a tourist specific replica. Sad! Red Square-it was a big disappointment after having heard all the Red propaganda for most of my life. But St. Basil’s and GUM Store are great! Monte Carlo-of course, it was Vegas before Vegas became a thing. Anne Frank House-historically yes, but a rather sad reminder of Hitler and the Nazis. I would add: Machu Picchu-overrun with tourists, not well maintained, took up two days of our trip to Peru and the Amazon. Hollywood Walk of Shame-the Walk of Fame is in a run-down part of old Hollywood, surrounded by liquor stores and pawn shops. Eiffel Tower-it is a great view, but not much else! Miami Beach-ranks up there with Walk of Shame! Negative effects of “blotto tourism: where people travel to an area to party and get drunk — fueled by the pent-up energy of the pandemic and enabled by cheap airfares and accommodations,” especially in neighborhoods such as Miami Beach. Anything in Texas Temecula-a tourist trap for oenophiles! Mount Rushmore-a total waste of time. Countless tourists confess the size and scope of Mount Rushmore ultimately underwhelmed them. The monument is smaller than you think! Dubai-grossly overrated, with a need for more enthralling activities besides indulging in shopping, which is the city’s primary focus. Mall of America-what a crazy idea that did not last long. Any Hard Rock Cafe “Original” Starbucks in Seattle-fake, fake, fake, very slow service. Wall Drug, South Dakota-lots of hype, but not very interesting. Gondola Rides, Venice-it stinks, literally. Branson-though my Mom loved it. Leaning Tower of Pisa-“It’s in a small town without much going on, except for many tourists pretending to ‘hold the tower up’ in photos. Go to Florence instead.” The Alamo-it is so tiny! Venice (Italy , not California) Oops, did I list Venice twice? Shame on me!


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