USA 2023 part I – Albany and Buffalo


Published: November 22nd 2023

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We love New YorkWe love New YorkWe love New York

An “I love New York”-sign with The New York State Capitol behind it

One building looks like it is flipping you the bird, and another looks like a penis

This summer we decided to spend our vacation in Canada. But since we could save a lot of money on flight tickets by going to Newark in New Jersey instead of going directly to our destination, we ended up spending some time in the United States as well. We like the USA so we just saw it as a bonus to be able to spend some time in New York State in the beginning and in Pennsylvania in the end of the trip.

We will get back to Pennsylvania and New York City in a later blog entry. In this we will write a little about two cities in New York State, namely Albany and Buffalo.


When we arrived in North America, we felt that it was a good idea to break the journey from New York to Canada into two and squeeze in some sightseeing on the way. Albany is strategically located en route to Montreal and also felt like it could be an interesting enough place to spend a day in.

The New York State Capitol The New York State Capitol The New York State Capitol

The New York State Capitol looks like a royal palace somewhere in Europe

Since Albany is the capitol of New York State the city centre is dominated by buildings housing various state institutions. Many of these buildings are grand, imposing and spectacular. However, nobody lived there. So outside office hours the city centre becomes quite desolate. We arrived on a Sunday and couldn’t even find a place where to buy a cup of coffee. Not all of Albany is deserted on Sundays. There are places in the city where there are restaurants and cafés that are open outside of office hours. But the city centre is a very dull place on Sundays.

The grand, imposing and spectacular buildings we saw in Albany include

=> The New York State Capitol – The building looks like a palace

=> Agency buildings 1 to 4

=> The Egg – a performing arts centre

=> The Cultural Education Centre

=> Erastus Corning Tower

=> New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services – when seen from head on it looks like the building is flipping you the bird

=> New York State Education Department – it looks like a Roman era temple

=> Palace Theatre – this building is spectacular enough to be placed

Agency buildings 1 to 4Agency buildings 1 to 4Agency buildings 1 to 4

The name of these buildings is rather dull. But that doesn’t make them less spectacular

on this list. But strictly it is neither grand nor imposing.

In Albany we stayed in an area where the streets are lined with larger than average private houses. We liked this area and we found these houses nice to look at. We have added pictures of two of these houses to give you an idea of what they look like.

The city Cohoes is less than 20 minutes’ drive from Albany. We went there one day mainly to see the Cohoes Falls, a waterfall on the Mohawk River a tributary of the Hudson River.

During our three weeks long vacation we saw several waterfalls. Lucky for us we saw these waterfalls in an order going from least spectacular to most spectacular. Thanks to that we each time felt that we saw something better than we had seen before. Cohoes Falls perhaps aren’t very spectacular, but right in the beginning of the trip we were still awed.

After we had seen the waterfall we walked to Cohoes city centre. We then passed Harmony Mills Historic District, a large defunct textile mill. The well preserved mill buildings are really spectacular.

The Egg The Egg The Egg

The Egg is a performing arts centre in Albany


We have decided to mention our visit to Buffalo here as well, even though it chronologically is slightly misplaced. There isn’t much to say to be honest. We arrived in the late afternoon and we left in the morning the day after so we barely saw anything. The only thing worth mentioning really is the colossal city hall. The city hall is built in the style Art Deco and it is really massive. But the design is a bit flawed if you ask us. When seen from street level the building resembles a short, thick, erect male reproduction organ surrounded by an unusually large tuft of pubic hair. Well, it does! Look at the photo we uploaded and you’ll probably agree.

Sorry about finishing the blog entry with a penis joke. Well this was all we had for now. But we will soon return and when we do we will start writing about what we did while we were in Canada.


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